A powerful, full day intervention for up to 12 delegates. Based on a tried and tested structure, it can be tailored to an individual team’s needs to bring clarity, focus, cohesion and dynamism to your team

Our tried and tested one day programme will:

  • Develop a corporate vision
  • Gain clarity on the strategic delivery of that vision
  • Define individual actions to achieve this

The overall theme for this intervention is to develop a high performance culture and cohesive ways of working that focus on purpose and vision.

This intervention is appropriate for:

  • An existing team embarking on the delivery of a new business plan or action
  • Inclusion as part of a change management programme

The content of the intervention will focus on where the team are currently and what they need in going forward. More specifically:

  • Identify team purpose, creating a vision of what they need to deliver
  • Improve team performance by agreeing goals, direction and short term actions
  • Improve communication throughout the team by having a better understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and utilising them

As part of the process, the team will identify a purpose that meets the wider business needs and objectives. On an individual level, responsibility for decisions and actions to be taken will also be identified.

Your key objectives for such an intervention might include, but not restricted to, the following:

  • Identify team purpose and vision – what we can do and what we have achieved this year
  • Team action plan to deliver our agreed vision
    Find ways we can work together effectively – work to our strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify team and individual behaviours necessary to work effectively
  • Take responsibility for the decisions and actions to develop the agreed plan

Including a session on the MBTI® Step I Instrument can add value to the day and deliver real long term business benefit that is both measurable and achievable, if a training needs analysis has been completed prior to the intervention.

We can also include activities that support the purpose of the programme such as our sculpture workshopnetwork links or a bespoke business simulation that meets your needs.

Call Garlands Corporate for further information on these programmes on 01827 722201.

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