These twin engine controlled vehicles have no pedals or steering wheel, providing a whole new driving experience, especially when there is two of you in control! Based in the Midlands and close to Birmingham on the Leicestershire & Warwickshire border, we are ideally located for this unique experience.

Feel the need for speed? It’s time for

Powerturn Buggies

£ 55pp
  • Minimum number of people is 6
  • Minimum age is 16


Challenging, fun and the perfect way to

Here at Garlands on our Mythe Farm site, we pride ourselves on being different and our Powerturn vehicles are no exception!

Situated in the Midlands on the Leicestershire and Warwickshire border, we are in the ideal location near Birmingham for you to take part in this thrill-seeking experience.

Our Powerturn vehicles have two 200cc Honda engines that each power a rear wheel for a completely unique driving experience. The engines control the steering power, with two levers controlling forward and reverse – resulting in a hilarious challenge where both drivers in this tandem vehicle will need to control the chaos this causes.

Led by our professional and experienced instructors, you get to practice driving the Powerturn buggies first before then completing a timed lap. Once you have mastered the controls, these vehicles are capable of doing over 30mph and a variety of incredible stunts – including straight line wheelies and on-the-spot doughnuts.

Your challenge is to complete a testing course in the fastest possible time! Whilst providing a huge amount of entertainment for your friends who will be cheering (or jeering).

Why not add another motor sport activity or target sport to your powerturn buggy experience to make an amazing full day of adventure?

Call our events team now to discuss how we can make your day epic on: 01827 722201

“5 of us had a go on the powerturn buggies, it was so much fun and a lot harder than it looks. I would recommend it, it’s not like anything I’ve done before.”
John Doe
Kerri and Ray and friends

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