Learn a new skill whilst having fun! Develop a deeper understanding of coaching models through learning to juggle, unicycle, throw diablos, and play!

A circus skills workshop is all about learning a new skill, having fun, entertaining and encouraging each other. This can work well as a conference energiser, an informal team building session or form part of a development programme.

This activity can also be used to practice coaching skills and develop an deeper understanding of coaching models. Working in pairs to develop skills in both coaching and juggling can bring enormous rewards in team building.

There will always be a wide selection of equipment and something for everyone to try, including devil sticks, diablos, juggling scarves, balls and clubs, plate spinning equipment, unicycles and a tight rope.

This workshop fits well as a conference energiser or stand-alone team building session.

Suitable for 6-60 people.

Call our Event Team for more information about this activity on 01827 722201

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