Do you have specific training objectives for your leaders and managers, aligned to business development? Garlands Corporate has the experience and expertise to design bespoke programmes that meet your business needs – and then some!

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Does your Leadership Team need to develop, agree and plan a strategy for the coming year?
Our facilitators can design a programme that will enable your leadership team to agree a vision and develop a strategic plan to make this a reality.

Does the Senior Team have the skills required to manage your people in the delivery of this plan?
Our facilitators and trainers have a wealth of experience in developing bespoke and client focused programmes that support your strategic requirements.

Do your leaders have sight of the training needs of your people in delivering your goals?
The RPO (Raising Performance in Organisations) programme has been designed to improve performance at all levels throughout its delivery within organisations and can be the start point for gathering the metrics required to develop a long term, aligned and people focused development plan.

Strategically, you have a need to align the skills of your people to the needs of the business; sharing your vision and onboarding staff as part of the journey to improve performance and successful growth. This will involve investment in your greatest asset – your people!

Most businesses have specific training and development needs as a result of market changes, operational and process development, improving their workforce capability and culture change. At Garlands, we revel in designing programmes that incorporate all of the above, and then some!

Developing the leadership skills that will enable the senior teams to enact growth, profitability and a motivated workforce is one area where Garlands Corporate can help. Our facilitators can coach your leadership team on the skills required to improve global performance.

Learning the skill of coaching; the ability to align personal development with current business needs in an engaging and supportive way that motivates your staff. Coaching is about getting the best from your employees by engaging in their development and motivating them to achieve more, aligned to the business direction. Our expert trainers and facilitators can work with your leaders to develop a coaching programme that suits your values, your teams and desired outcomes.

A business focused training plan alongside a coaching programme for leaders, will improve performance in a structured and coherent way that is aligned to business vision. Training is about giving your people the necessary skills to perform at their best in their role. Garlands trainers and facilitators have over 25 years’ experience in designing and delivering bespoke training programmes to companies and organisations across all sectors.

Need help identifying your coaching and training needs?
Logo CCTo help initiate this process and provide the evidence your company needs, Garlands Corporate and Concannon Connection have combined their knowledge, expertise and business acumen in delivering the RPO programme.

The RPO programme will enable people development and highlight training needs in a 360 degree process through a series of interventions across the organisation. The process itself forms part of a long-term development programme, with key messages and strategic plans being fully understood and shared throughout. Once the data is gathered and processed, training and development needs will become apparent. It is this evidence that provides the metrics for additional interventions and training programmes that will enable the whole organisation to embark on a business development programme that enables business growth and people development.

A systemic programme that will help increase performance at all levels; senior management, team and individual level.

Whilst all businesses are unique, there are also generic management skills and leadership training that can be delivered and universally applied. Our tried and tested generic Leadership and Management Development Programme is a unique balance of indoor theory and experiential training that engages and inspires participants. Indoor facilitated sessions describe models and theories on leadership styles, personal strengths, coaching and team development with further experiential challenges, exercises and sessions to embed learning. This ‘off the shelf’ programme is suitable for middle and senior managers that play a key role in the delivery of your business vision.

We also have the expertise and knowledge to create something truly remarkable, by linking your leadership development to a new CSR initiative that we call a ‘CSR real project‘.

If you are interested in Garlands Corporate assisting in the design and delivery of a Leadership programme, call our team to discuss the details of your objectives on 01827 722201.

For further information on the RPO process, call Concannon Connection on 01509 235 325.

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Leadership and Management Development Programme
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