From the bean to the bar, creating your own chocolate brand! Working with a world class chocolatier throughout the chocolate workshops, all participants will get to know about the world of cocoa and its flavours before developing their own preferred mix.

Teams will be given the history, science and taste of cocoas from around the world before learning the art of chocolate making. They are then set the challenge of creating their own chocolate vision; this process includes working with flavours, making their own ganache, piping, rolling and coating their own truffles.

The look and feel of the final product is also important and explained in detail before the teams work on shape and packaging that will allow them to make their vision a reality.

After completing our chocolate workshops each participant will go away with their packaged final product of their own design and making!

The focus of this workshop could be to:

  • Embed the importance of vision
  • Understand what brand and brand awareness means
  • Acquire new skills in chocolate art
  • Communicate clearly a vision to the team

Time to allow: 2 hours

Min / Max numbers: 12 to 60 participants

Call out Event Team for more information about this activity on 01827 722201

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