The perfect conference break for up to 200 delegates.

Creative, fun and engaging session that also lets you eat the rewards!

Following in the style of the Great British Bake Off series, the Team Bake Off challenge gives teams time to make, bake, create and decorate a variety of afternoon tea and bakery items following recipes from the best chefs. Dressed with team aprons, chef hats and a dedicated station to work from teams are given advice, constructive criticism and observations from our professionally trained pastry chefs.

Providing all the necessary equipment and expertise to make this an outstanding team bake off session, the proof is in the pudding!

Our top chefs judge the resulting cakes, pies, pastries and chocolates on style, consistency, taste and presentation at the end of an exhilerating bake off activity.

Call our Event Team for more information about the Team Bake Off challenge activity on 01827 722201.

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