With many years of experience of facilitating team building programmes, we know that every team’s dynamic is totally different.

We have a huge and ever-growing menu of exercises to dip into and include within your programme – many examples of which can be viewed below.

Whether you want to focus on communication skills, trust within the team, delegation and accountability, leadership or project management, every exercise has been designed for a specific purpose and has produced outstanding results with the most diverse range of teams you can imagine.

Our event managers and instructors are always dreaming up new and innovative ideas for team building exercises.

What will you get out of your Team Building day?

  • A chance to develop trust within the team and a platform for constructive feedback
  • It will help to improve performance and efficiency
  • It will enhance your team’s problem solving skills
  • It will improve communication
  • Develop your management and leadership skills
  • You will be able to better identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Everyone will be having fun at the same time!

Examples of just some of our team building exercises are provided below with a brief description of each one.

We can also combine these team building activities with any of the motor sports, target sports, country pursuits and we also have a number of tried and tested team challenges for you to choose from.

Talk to us about what type of day you would like for your team and we can create a package that suits your requirements including budget.

Call our events team to discuss your requirements in more detail on 01827 722201

Tomohawk Throwing

Get coached in the skill of knife and axe throwing to improve performance
Gain skills and practice the arts of knife and axe throwing in this highly competitive and exciting team challenge using ‘Angel’ and Tomahawk axes.

Archery Challenge

Pace or strategy to beat your opposition - that's the challenge!
Teams are challenged with removing cores from their oppositions targets before being hit. A hybrid team event between paintball, dodge ball and archery; engaging for all.

Railtrack Exercise

The team must travel the length of the tracks without touching the ground! Simples
An excellent activity for both teamwork and problem solving, the team can only use the equipment provided and will have to rely on each other to succeed!

Sphere Severe Exercise

Each team must simply transport a ball from A to B. It sounds easy doesn't it?
However, the ball must continuously move forward. A challenging and energetic exercise where communication and leadership are paramount.

Bridge Over
The Sense

To succeed, teams must plan effectively, building a bridge capable of taking the whole team & meeting strict levels of integrity as judged by the instructor.
Each team will be given the equipment to construct a bridge across the banks of the River Sence.

Tyolean Traverse Exercise

The team will need to cross the ravine using tensioned ropes. Only they rig the ropes!
Before constructing the tyrolean, teams will be allocated a certain amount of planning time. Two ropes will be tensioned before crossing the ravine.

Raft Building

The group will be split up into teams with each team give an assortment of equipment to build a raft.
Before constructing the raft, teams will be allocated a certain amount of planning time. The overall winners will be determined by a race along the River Sence.

Electric Fence Exercise

Get every member across the electric fence without being electrocuted
Using only the equipment provided, this problem solving team activity requires deeper thinking; the solution may not be as simple as first thought!

The Survivalists

Teams are challenged to raise their flag before the opposition
A tough, day-long challenge involving an overland journey, bushcraft skills and team challenges. The first team to raise their flag are the overall winners!