Garlands Corporate have many years of experience in delivering three key instruments; MBTI® Step I™, Belbin Team Roles and SDI. Our tailored programmes are designed to help individuals understand their role in a team and assist managers in understanding team dynamics and how to improve team performance.

It gives a wholly positive view, getting people on board so that they make genuine and lasting changes to their behaviour.

Based on theoretical work by Carl Jung and backed up by over 70 years of research by Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs, the MBTI® Instrument identifies personality type, made up of four basic preferences, and provides a positive framework to explain how we interact with the world and each other.

Experienced facilitator, Andie Brazewell administers the MBTI® Instrument for Garlands Corporate as a Step I & II™ practitioner.

The MBTI® Instrument can be used for a number of team development interventions, such as Improving Team PerformanceSystematic Problem Solving and Understanding Conflict.

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Improving Team Perrformance
Using MBTI

Improve team performance by agreeing goals, direction and short term actions.
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Understanding Conflict
Using MBTI

An engaging, multi-team business simulation that includes MBTI® Step I.
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Systematic Problem Solving with MBTI

An intervention that is thought provoking, stimulating, engaging and beneficial at all decision-making levels.
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Belbin Team

Improving team performance
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Strength Deployment

SDI is an incredible tool that really helps pull teams together
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