‘CSI Investigation’


Our crime scene investigation team activity has been designed to challenge teams in police procedures such as forensics, fingerprinting, photofits and more, but do they work alone to vindicate their colleague, or collaborate to eliminate suspects?

Situated just off the A5 on the Warwickshire & Leicestershire border, Garlands Corporate has a variety of team challenges to offer our clients, whether you come to our 150 acre Mythe Farm site or we come to you. At Garlands Corporate, we like to offer our clients new and exciting activities and CSI Investigation is no exception in challenging a teams thinking and working as experts in police procedure share knowledge and set teams tasks.

The CSI Investigation activity is ideally suited for teams of between 5 and 10 delegates either as a stand-alone activity for multiple teams or as a conference break for up to 200 delegates. The CSI Investigation covers all aspects of police procedures that the teams will need to complete, such as finger printing, photofits, forensic photography, search techniques, radio comms and much more besides.

Participation affords delegates the opportunity to learn new skills in communication, delegation, planning, creativity, resource deployment, lateral thought and presentation techniques. An all-inclusive event that by design and default promotes a collaborative approach to resolving problems against ever changing time constraints and evolving situations. Each delegate needs be actively involved to vindicate their wrongly accused and incarcerated colleague. Teams compete against one another, completing practical tasks earning access to laboratory results that will prove the innocence of those in the frame. The event culminates in the viewing of each teams photofit and live television appeals.

Can any one team crack the case or will it need all teams to come together and share their successes to complete the headline task?

Desk top activities within the incident room test delegates abilities to think outside of the box and their newly acquired skills provide an insight into the resolution of these tasks. Collating and analysing information, planning, sharing and displaying competence is the key to their ultimate success.

Venue requirements:

  • Suitable venue with sufficient indoor and outdoor space for the delegate numbers.
  • Main room set up – one large round table per team plus 6 trestles for equipment.
  • There also needs to be breakout space for crime scenes and a search area outside.
  • One flip chart easel & pad per team.
  • Suitable PA with radio mic for host.
  • Large screen & projector.
  • Minimum one hour set up time.

Call our Event Team for more information about this and other activities on 01827 722201

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