A journey that challenges teams physically, emotionally and collaboratively.

A thrilling day of exercises where only the best survive.

Pitted against each other, teams have to follow a journey that takes them through rivers and woodland to an unknown destination. Facing many obstacles and challenges along the way that will test their teamwork and nerve, the Survivalists; Team Challenge is not for the faint hearted, it will push a team to their limits and then some!

Designed to make or break a team, the day includes a variety of team challenges, both physical and mental, combined with problem solving, creative thinking, and drawing on hidden talents and knowledge within the team. Teams use a number of methods to get from A to B on their journey, whether tyrolean traverse, 4×4 vehicle, quad bike or by foot, the route is never straight forward. Cracking codes, collecting key equipment and succeeding at challenges en route add to the complexity and difficulty in teams succeeding.

The team that reaches their destination first, complete and able to deliver their quest become the Survivalists; there can be only one.

This challenge can be attempted as a single team, but works best when two or three teams are pitted against each other.

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