Develop the skills to solve problems in a logical and systematic way with the focus on positive change including the MBTI® Instrument.

This intervention has been designed for managers and decision makers within organisations.

  • Includes the MBTI® assessment tool and personality profiles
  • Suitable for teams of between 6 and 12
  • All day programme of 6-8 hours
  • Theory input and practice
  • Experiential activities to embed learning

This intervention is designed to introduce the model and process of systematic problem solving and for teams to:

  • Practice using the process
  • Complete the MBTI® Instrument to discover further individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Gain an understanding of the strengths of others in their team
  • Look at how to develop it to suit their business need

Designed for operational teams, this intervention is thought provoking, stimulating, engaging and beneficial at all decision-making levels within the business.

A facilitator will guide the team through the MBTI® assessment and individual personality profiles. They will introduce the problem solving process, taking the team through introduce an experiential exercise drawing out relevant learning and actions for their team.

The team are then set a complex challenge that requires them to practice the processes and theory in solving a case of industrial espionage, kidnap and possible murder!

Suitability of this intervention

This intervention works as a stand-alone management development day, or can be included as an element within a larger team or management development programme.

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