An engaging, multi-team business simulation that includes MBTI® Step I™. It requires teams to have a clear vision and purpose, and to collaborate effectively with strong leadership.

This intervention has been designed for managers and team leaders within organisations.

This challenge requires three teams with a minimum of six delegates in each team and includes:

  • An introduction the MBTI® assessment tool
  • A business simulation that focuses on planning and collaboration
  • A three team activity or conference break for up to 30 delegates
  • An all-day programme of approx. 6-8 hours
  • Indoor and/or outdoor activities

Each team is required to develop a vision for a light rail network and a plan for the delivery of the network across the Isle of Wight. They will also need to raise the necessary finance for each element of the light railway network and construct this on a scale model.

Collaboration and planning are key to the success of this challenge. It also highlights team skills and issues around managing and understanding conflict, negotiation skills, influence and control, joint venture, goal setting, action planning and project management.

Suitability of this intervention

This intervention works as a stand-alone management development day, or can be included as an element within a larger team or management development programme.

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