Develop leadership skills whilst focusing on team purpose and business vision. 

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In designing this programme, we have specifically focused on strategic planning and leadership skills to deliver a vision.

Delivering a Vision

Understanding the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) model of team performance helps explore the link between the big picture questions such as vision and purpose and leaders making it happen. This model came out of a number of years research by the MIT and has been tried and tested to deliver clarity by agreeing processes and behaviours that match purpose and vision.

The model can give insight into how leaders can manage change and engage teams to deliver a vision.

Leadership Skills

What is my preferred type using the MBTI Instrument? What is my preferred decision-making style? What do I need to do to ‘Make it happen’?

With a clearly defined purpose, we will then introduce the MBTI model and determine the ‘best fit’ profile for all delegates. They will then receive a profile report in respect of their decision making.

This intervention is appropriate for:

  • Middle and Senior Managers
  • Leadership Teams
  • An existing Senior Team embarking on the delivery of a new project

The content of the intervention focuses on individual strengths and weaknesses, leadership style and skills. More specifically:

  • My style of leadership – exploring Lewin’s leadership styles.
  • Understanding my strengths and weaknesses, based on my MBTI® profile report.
  • Developing a vision and managing change.
  • Team Development and improving communication.

As part of the process, individuals will identify purpose and strategy to meet the wider business needs and objectives. On an individual level, responsibility for decisions and actions to be taken will also be identified.

Your key objectives for such an intervention might include, but not restricted to, the following:

  • Identify strategic purpose – how my leadership style delivers this.
  • Detailed action plan to deliver the agreed purpose.
  • Explore my leadership style – working to my strengths.
  • Take responsibility for the decisions and actions to deliver the agreed purpose.

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"Your team were fantastic in not only facilitating the activities but looking after us on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year! "

"designed to provide the opportunity for managers to better understand the Britivic vision"

"The tasks were fun, challenging and had the right objectives"

"thank you and all the staff for a brilliant day, everyone had a great time and it all went smoothly"


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