Belbin and Management Development

Event Brief
Our client wanted to do a launch day for their new Management Development Programme that was a stand alone day and tied in with the programme.
They wanted participants to go away with something that helped them understand themselves more as individuals and for the day to help the group gel together as a management team in an informal way and have a lot of fun along the way.
Event Delivery
The day started off with an exercise that challenged them as a group requiring strong leadership, engagement from all and a clear vision to succeed. This set the tempo for the day, where individual levels of involvement would be high as well as learning.
This was followed by a session on Belbin Team Roles and focused on them as individuals; the skills and strengths they brought to the team, as well as how they could develop. Short team exercises helped embed this knowledge and their understanding of other team members.
A final session of fun was had by the whole group doing Quad Racing and Power Turn Buggies, allowing them to let off steam and just have some fun!