Where is Your Business Going to be by the Next Supermoon?

We haven’t seen a Supermoon this size since 1948 and we won’t see another until 2034. This has made us think about how things can change during these times – businesses in particular. How much thought do you put into planning, visioning and goals?

This week the world looked on in wonder at the beauty of nature – or at least some people around the world were able to. Some could only dream of seeing something a little more exciting than the image above. We even saw people making their very own Supermoon using the humble tortilla wrap! This is what they saw in Beijing:

Photograph: Imaginechina/REX/Shutterstock

Some might have the goal to see the next Supermoon without clouds in the way in 18 years time, but what can businesses plan in the same period? Admittedly, an 18 year plan is a touch long term for most, but what steps are you taking in the next year, 2 years, 5 years or even 10 years to reach your goals?

Strategic planning plays a key part in steering a business in the desired direction in order to meet – or exceed – objectives set. But, without objectives, are you running your business blind? This has spectacularly worked for a few (very few) lucky people, but is generally not advised and can have serious implications.

So, what does this have to do with Garlands Corporate?

We want companies to have a vision. To know where they are going and how. To look at what they have and what they need to reach their goals. To look at their teams and see how they can develop into high performing teams.

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The team at Garlands Corporate can assist with this process in many ways. We design and deliver interventions that specifically look at developing a strong vision for your team/company at different stages of business development. We do this using a combination of tailored experiential learning tasks and expert facilitation in order to provoke discussion points, understand team dynamics and formulate actions. We don’t provide the answers, but we do provide a strong platform for thinking and developing teams and businesses as a whole.

Call our team development experts to discuss how we can help your teams – 01827 722 123.

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