The Top 5 Benefits of Indoor Team Building

In these chilly winter months, is an indoor team building day the option for you? Here we suggest the main 5 benefits of indoor team building:

A roof over your head:

Here is the very obvious benefit to opting for a team building day indoors – you and your team will stay warm and dry throughout the day. Team building isn’t all about camping in a leaky tent, struggling over an obstacle course or building a semi-floating raft. You can be in a comfortable environment, where you can focus on the specific challenges put in front of you.


Get everyone involved:

Team building works well when your team is pushed outside of its comfort zone. But, some people simply do not want to be out in the elements facing fears and will join the day in a negative spirit from the outset if they know that rain and mud are on the cards. With these valued team members in mind, there are many other ways to challenge your team and not strike fear into them before they have even started.

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No alpine gear required:

Not all members of your team are likely to be outdoor types. They might own a £7.50 pack-a-mac, but that is unlikely to keep them dry for the entire day on a rainy winter’s day. With indoor activity programmes, all you need is to wear comfortable clothing for a bit of moving around – simple.


More venue options:

Here at Garlands Corporate we have five indoor event spaces that can host fun and rewarding team building activities. But, other than our site, there are many more indoor facilities to choose from compared to outdoor spaces. Hotel conference facilities are perfect – add to your annual conference, or engage your team more at the weekly planning meeting.

We do recommend using external spaces to get away from the pressures and routine of the workplace, allowing your team to focus more on the task in hand. Many say that the best ideas come from conversations around the tea and coffee station as a result of the change of environment and subsequent thought processes. Magnify this by taking your team away from their day to day place of work.


Team building – it’s not just a summer thing:

Team building can be required all year round. If you have spotted the need to develop leadership, improve communication channels or create a better understanding of team dynamics, but it happens to be December, don’t let this stop you. If you decide to wait until the spring, it is likely that team performance may have dropped further. To keep a team performing at its best, act quickly.


What to do now:

Visit the indoor team building pages, or call our events team on 01827 722 123 to discuss your requirements. Or, if outdoor team building is what you were hoping for, click here.