Teams rotate around each zone collecting crystals for the final cash grab in the Crystal Dome. Develop a deeper understanding of your teams talents in this fun and exciting challenge.

Teams will rotate around the four themed zones throughout the Crystal Clear team challenge. In each zone, teams will be required to nominate their best team members to attempt the different challenges to earn their crystals.

The Inca Zone is all about communication. The team need pace and to rely on their senses, this zone is multi-disciplinary where time is always of the essence!

The Time Zone relies on team members’ knowledge of the past to affect the future. Cerebral and thought provoking tasks await the teams in this zone.

The Urban Zone is more brawn than brain but all about team working and collaboration. Success will depend on trust and relying on your team members!

The Tribal Zone focuses on ‘strength and honour’, pitting each teams knowledge, skills and dexterity against each other in this competitive zone of ancient skills.

For the Crystal Dome, each crystal gained is worth 5 seconds in the dome to grab as much cash as you can as the grand finale to this Crystal Clear Team Challange.

The activities in each zone can be adapted to the participants and your requirements, but our suggested activities for each zone could include:

Inca Zone: Blindfold 4×4 Driving, Quad Obstacle Course.

Time Zone: Cerebral challenges, Murder Mystery with Stepping Stones.

Urban Zone: Project Uno, Rollerball.

Tribal Zone: Archery, Axe Throwing.

Call our Event Team for more information about the Crystal Clear activity on 01827 722201

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