Herd a flock of ducks around a course using your trusty sheepdog.

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At Mythe Farm, we have a number of areas to use for duck herding. Whether part of a team day, conference break or corporate day, this session is run by our professional shepherd. They will introduce you to your collie, give you some tuition on sheepdog handling and then get you to practice the skills necessary to control your collie. You will also be given a shepherds crook to help you to herd a flock of ducks around a set course.

This fascinating activity brings to life the communication and teamwork between man and animal. Often requiring problem solving skills, as well as a sense of humour, this fun activity will take place in one of our event fields on our 150 acre site.

Everyone in the team will have a go at handling the sheepdog and attempting to manoeuvre the flock through tunnels, over slides and into pens.

Sheepdog handling and duck herding can compliment many of our country pursuits as part of a team day. You can mix all the country pursuits with any of our target, motor and team building activities to make an amazing day for your teams to talk about for weeks to come.

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