Space Race Team Building

A team building activity that is about rockets, but not requiring the mind-boggling science and doesn’t cost you $90 million!

tesla_space-570Our Space Race is all about your teams performing under pressure to a common goal. Completing a series of team challenges to purchase the materials, teams are tasked with to designing and building a rocket that is capable of launching an egg into the earth’s space: our atmosphere. This highly engaging, motivating and creative¬† challenge provides the vehicle for teams to:

  • Get to know each others strengths,
  • Bond as a team and,
  • Have a common experience to share with your colleagues for the same time it takes a Tesla to reach Mars, but back here on earth.

rocket launch team challenge garlands corporate mythe farmAs long as you have the space…we can bring everything you need to challenge your teams. This event works well as a conference break or stand alone team building event and can be flexible to last from 2 hours to a whole day.

If you are looking for a real space race challenge that is driven by real outcomes for your teams, contact the Garlands Corporate events team on 01827 722201 to get the engine started.

For those that would like to follow the space Tesla’s current performance!