Planning A Team Building Event

trusting team members at team building birmingham

If you are considering organising a team building event that meets real expectations, here are some tips on how to make this effective and an example programme that we recently ran for Capita that did just that!

WhereStep 1 – The beginning starts with the end: Understand the need

Try to get to grips with the underlying issues that are hindering a teams performance. In particular, focus on the outcomes or changes that you want to see and the differences these would make.

This could include:

  • Changes that would enable team members to take ownership and responsibility for actions and deliverables specific to their role.
  • Communication issues and what is causing them, whether individual behaviour or organisational processes.

This helps us design a programme for a team building event that not only meets these clear criteria but also helps us design the content that will provide the vehicle to achieve this.

team-role-circleStep 2 – Look ahead to see if steps can be made prior to the event

Take time to look into prior preparation focusing on how these changes could be implemented. Is there any preparation work to do with the team before embarking on an intense, yet rewarding team building event? This might take the form of mental preparation; do they need to be open minded about what the day includes and come willing to try new ideas or activities? Consider how best to introduce this to them, which sense are you appealing to?

myers briggs profiling MBTI garlands corporateStep 3 – Psychometrics

Consider including some form of psychometric or profiling questionnaire to provide further evidence and discussion around such topics as leadership and communication styles. Which ones are appropriate for this audience and how does it add value to the outcomes expected? These can often be completed prior to the event and add to the build up of something different.

Map_GarlandsCorporateStep 4 – Administration

Part of the preparation would be to provide enough information to delegates that not only supports the above points, but also creates an air of expectation without putting them into panic mode. This can often be as simple as what to bring and wear, as well as details of where they are going. It might even include something for them to do or think about before they arrive.

Conference1ZizziStep 5 – Delivery

Style and content should be thoroughly planned beforehand, providing a generic logic to the content timetable and fit the outcomes or purpose of the day. This step might include the type of event, the location for delivery that supports the outcomes and who is best delivering the content elements.

team development meeting garlands corporate mythe farmStep 6 -Reflection

Review and feedback are key stages to any event to look at whether the event delivered on expectations and, more importantly, what changes would be made for future events for them to be even more successful. These small tweaks can often mean the difference between engagement and exclusion for some people on future team building events.

Our recent example:
Capita came to Garlands Corporate with an interesting opportunity, requiring our help to develop their Health and Well-being team building event with people coming from across the UK. Many of the team members were new to the team, adding another dimension to the required outcomes. Everyone needed a common understanding of the current level of performance and the issues arising out of this, to be able to participate fully in the activities that related to their team vision and the strategy to implement it.

The day consisted of a mix of input sessions that described specific models relating to team performance and provide the team with the opportunity to experience how they performed against the model by taking on various challenges. Reviews throughout the day continuosly helped them to embed the learning. Focusing these reviews on the learning that is either relevant to work, their role or the overall team performance allowed the team to carefully consider the steps necessary to improve team performance. It also allowed the team to consider changes needed going forward in delivering an overall agreed vision.

The day provided the team with the motivation, focus and energy to realise their vision.

The feedback from the day just goes to show that when all the above steps in planning a team day are considered, expectations are always met.

“The day delivered on everything I wanted – re-energising the team into thinking more like a team and planning our future. The day was structured, informative and fun.

Andie was a great facilitator and really brought to life the principles of MBTI and how we relate it to ourselves. This was really good for my team as none of them had come across this before.” SA, Capita