On-Site Off Road Course Now Available

off road 4x4 course mythe farm garlands corporate

Built and sculpted in 2015, the on-site off road 4×4 track is ideal for showcasing off road vehicles with a number of challenging elements to the course. It is only used for this purpose, and is not available for your general 4×4 off road ‘experiences’.

Based mainly around the wooded areas of Mythe Farm, the track includes a log run, axle twist, a ‘test hill’ and a number of testing gradients through pit holes and throughout the course. Notable gradients to tackle include:

• 35º over 6m
• 32º over 12m
• 28º over 6m
• 15º over 15m.

The off road course data sheet provides a map of the track as well as a list of gradients available.

Located at Mythe Farm alongside over 9 acres of event fields, two off road race circuits and meeting spaces, there are a number of versatile options to add to the use of the off road track. On-site meeting and event spaces include Mythe Barn, The Pavilion, The Orchard Training Room and the 372m² Warehouse, all of which are vehicle accessible.

For further information or to arrange to have a look around, please contact the Events Team on 01827 722 123 or email info@www.garlandscorporate.co.uk.


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