Alltruck UK – New Team Development

Client Brief
This was a new team development within the company and the client wanted a morning facilitated session that provided them with an understanding of what makes teams perform and providing a learning link to an afternoon session around personal coaching and team values.
Design and Delivery
Participants were introduced to a high performance team model, with discussions focusing on the behaviours and processes required to improve performance. They were also introduced to a problem solving model that included analysis, generation of ideas and their implementation.
They were then split into two teams and set a complex problem solving challenge that required them to develop a robust strategic plan. This two hour exercise was followed by a facilitated review that focused on relevant learning for their teams, including clear communication of ideas and plans together with the behaviours needed to allow this to happen.
This provided them with a deeper understanding of the changes necessary, at a team and individual level, for them to further develop their personal goals and team effectiveness to help move the business forward.