Motivating Local Young Minds – Sheepy Magna Scouts

Despite our focus as a professional corporate events venue and event management team operating for clients on an international scale, we like to remember that we are still a family run, local business. With the Garland family regularly touching base with the local community, we are reminded that it’s not just about big business here at Garlands Corporate. Living up to our responsibilities, we have recently been giving something back to the locals.

As the nights draw in during an evening in late September, we are joined by 2nd Sheepy Magna Scouts. A group of lively young people ranging from 10 to 13 came to visit, in order to test their scouting knowledge and their team spirit.

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At 7.00pm sharp the earth rumbles as cars arrive at the lodge, ready to deliver their effervescing passengers. Consent forms completed and waving goodbye as parents look forward to a couple of hours of peace.

Volunteer leaders Andy and John help to round up the numerous balls of energy. For some, this is the first time they have seen each other after another stunning British summer and excitement was rife.

After a little energy burning game of ‘Traffic lights’ the 2nd Sheepy Magna Scouts are ready and waiting to discover their task for the night – to build a bridge across the River Sence!

During a recent meeting the Scouts had been practising rope-work or more specifically, knot tying. This evening was designed to give one of many practical uses for these skills. All that was needed was a quick refresher, with some superb results. Those who could not quite remember were being coached by those that could. Those who had consolidated their learning were given a further chance to progress by helping others.

With the light fading we made our way to the prospective river crossing. The eager brains planning what the bridge could look like on the way.

During construction, the Scouts leapt on the opportunity to hone their knot tying skills. All pitching in to make sure everybody had the chance to participate. Four ‘A’ frames were built rapidly and tensions were high as the end result was in sight. With light fading though, chances of crossing the river were really becoming slim. The troop rallied around to gather camouflage before completing a dry crossing.

A fun evening was had by all, and the Scouts definitely went away with a little more knowledge and a few new skills.

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