Hertz UK – Developing a Strategic Plan

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Keen to develop a robust and deliverable strategic plan for 2016, Hertz UK’s General Manager asked Garlands Corporate to design and facilitate a three day programme for his leadership team. The key outcomes were to develop the strategic plan and align the behaviours within the leadership team to deliver it.
Design and Delivery
Belbin’s Team Roles® formed the basis for developing the team and included 360° feedback for all team members on day one. This powerful psychometric tool and reports can be used to provide the language and insight to improve team performance and empower individuals to deliver.
Day two was spent developing the teams strategic plan for 2016, focusing on the detailed objectives, actions and interdependencies of delivering it using tried and tested methodologies. Spending time away from the office allowed the team to be focused, accelerating the process to deliver a detailed strategic plan.
Combining the team roles with bespoke activities that support the team development needs, day three of the programme focused on aligning team behaviours to delivering the vision and strategic plan.