Great Egg Race – Maxwood Deliver

Knex present 2Maxwood approached Garlands Corporate to host their annual all-staff conference at Mythe Barns and wanted to include a team activity as part of the day. They wanted an activity that would engage the whole team to deliver something within a competitive environment.
The Great Egg Race challenges teams to design and build a vehicle capable of delivering an egg along a track. Revenue generating tasks allow teams to purchase equipment, licences to race and ‘pimping’ materials within a given timeframe. Tasks can be chosen to meet the needs of your audience or fit within a conference theme. These can be a mix of cerebral and physical tasks, allowing teams to work to their strengths.
Knex present 4The Maxwood teams chose a representative to present their case for designing the best vehicle before the final speed test and deliver the egg in tact!
A superb conference break or stand alone activity, this challenge focuses on team bonding, working to your strengths and a common goal in a highly competitive environment. Call our events team on 01827 722201 if you think this challenge meets your activity needs.Knex present 3