Feeling Good About Being Green

18 months ago the Directors of Garlands Corporate and Mythe Barn installed a solar PV system on one of the buildings at Mythe Farm to produce enough electricity to supply everything going at the farm – including the events at Mythe Barn and Garlands Corporate. 

Upon checking performance recently, we were delighted to see that we have saved over 63,000 tons of carbon, which is the equivalent to planting more than 200 trees.

Solar Panel Energy at Mythe Barn and Garlands Corporate Blog

In 2007 the Directors planted over 20,000 trees at Mythe Farm and now that they are getting bigger the wildlife we are now seeing is truly wonderful.  The combination of woodland, grassland, hedges, rivers, ponds and arable land all within our 150 acres provides a wide variety of habitats.

We’re thrilled to be providing new habitats for so many creatures and it makes us feel warm inside to know that we are doing our bit for the environment.  Find out more about what you can do by visiting the Carbon Trust website.