Conference Break Activity

Annual Conference Activity mythe farm midlands

Client Brief
Mythe Barn was chosen as the venue for a global bank’s annual regional conference, with the morning conference focusing on the achievements of the past year and some of the challenges being faced in 2017.
The design team wanted a conference break activity for the afternoon that allowed teams to celebrate their success in 2016 and have fun together whilst doing it. The activity needed to be inclusive with a variety of challenges for participants and to engage all ten teams within the time frame; a tall order for any event but Santa had the answer!
Santa sent a tweet the week before asking for help as his elves were way behind schedule in the present wrapping and delivery departments. With 108 delegates in total, our very own Santa Claus took over the stage and described in detail the challenge for the teams; how they needed to ‘pimp’ their sleighs and deliver presents along a set course once completed.
Two hours of frantic task completion to earn design materials and chaotic creating ensued, followed by excited teams presenting their case for their sleigh being the best. The final race had them tackling obstacles around the track and delivering awkward presents down chimneys along the way. Out of all the chaos, great fun was had by everyone involved, leaving Santa and his elves happy in the knowledge that they were back on track.