BMD – A Team Day Case Study

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Event Brief

We may be small, but we think BIG – A celebration day with a difference.

When Bradley Murphy Design (BMD) approached G!C with an idea for a celebration day we jumped at the opportunity to help deliver it. Knowing what you want to do is only half the story, deciding how you and, more importantly your audience, want to do it is what G!C are good at.

In partnership with BMD, we helped design a team day that was definitely about celebration but also focused on the team as individuals. We quickly developed this broad brief into specific outcomes for their audience and looked at a variety of options for sessions throughout the day as well as how we would introduce it to the team.

The day was about celebrating the growth of the team over the last three years and the beautiful new offices that BMD had recently moved into. It was also an opportunity to do some team development; learning new skills and something different about each other.


BMD Team Building ImageIn the build up to the day, an email was sent to everyone explaining what the day was about and how they could prepare for it, with every participant invited to complete an online MBTI® questionnaire. This created a buzz and an anticipation of what to expect, engaging everyone before the day had started.

The actual day started with breakfast at their new offices – an informal gathering where people could mix and chat without necessarily focusing on work. This was quickly followed by a session where each participant took on the persona of another and told the audience ‘their story’.

Small teams then rotated around three sessions, each with a different focus, but utilising the office space and local environment to its best advantage. Introducing the ‘GROW’ coaching model to teams allowed them to practice this skill by coaching a colleague in field Archery with amazing results.

We brought out their creative skills in developing a wordcloud that described how they felt about working for BMD. Each team then designed and made a sculpture that represented the wordcloud; the outcomes were truly outstanding.

The final session was an interactive look at how MBTI® comes into play in everyday life, providing insight into what it really means to them and how it can be used in the workplace. This fun and engaging session provided the opportunity to discuss and understand each other better, without being intrusive.

Friends and family were invited to an informal evening of canapes and drinks to share their experiences within the beautiful surroundings of their new offices.

So it just goes to prove that even SME’s can think BIG!

Client Feedback

“Andie and his team made our team day a really memorable one. They were there all the way through the process: making sure they understood our requirements, suggesting complementary activities for the day and meeting with us on site to get the layout right. On the day itself Andie and his team were engaging from the start, making sure everyone got involved. By the end of the day we had a group of tired but happy people, buzzing about the different events across the day. We would definitely use Garlands Corporate again”

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