Collaborating with Garlands – Antinomy

Client Brief
Antinomy Ltd were looking for a venue to collaborate with to deliver their client training programmes. The programmes had specific needs that included a meeting room, space for personal training and an area to run scenario based exercises.
Whilst on the venue recce, the Antinomy team soon realised that Mythe Farm fitted their needs perfectly, running their pilot programme in November on what proved to be one of the wettest days of the year!
What we provided
Antinomy’s one day executive training programme required use of the Orchard Suite as their base. With its meeting room and marquee facilities used to introduce the programme, deliver indoor talks and self defence sessions throughout the morning. Access to our 150 acre off road site was then used for vehicle based scenario training such as car-jacking.
We provided a meeting room, indoor covered area, refreshments and lunch for all participants throughout the day, together with access to suitable areas for the outside scenario based training.