6 Things Your Business Should Have Prepared Before New Year

…But maybe you didn’t! Don’t worry, you can still make the most of January.

Christmas and New Year is a tricky time of year for anybody, regardless of work commitments. But what have you done with your business to get it ready for 2017? Or, more to the point, what didn’t you do?

  • Thank your customers for another great year!

We aren’t talking about anything flashy here, but it is usually a good way to make contact with your customers and letting them know you’re still there. Send them a Christmas card if they are key clients, or a lovely email to say thank you and see you next year goes a long way.


  • Plan what to do during the January slump.

2016 was an absolute flyer. Blink and you’d miss it, they all said. So what have you done to make sure you hit the ground running in 2017? If your business suffers from a huge slump in January (workforce or otherwise!) then you’d be mad to leave January planning until January! Do you need a motivational team event to kick start the year? There is still time!


  • The staff party

More and more businesses are now having their Christmas celebrations at the beginning of the New Year, and we can understand why.

  1. Everybody is free
  2. Venues are easier to book
  3. Staff look forward to it more

Why not try giving something back to the staff by giving them a lovely reward day? Book them onto an activity day, followed by a delicious meal to give them a Christmas do they’ll remember, as well as motivating them for the year to come.


  • Set some targets for 2017

No, not sales or marketing. Not KPI’s and not basketball hoops over the bin. Think about how people want to see your business. If you have a clear vision, are you sticking to it? Do you need to make improvements to your team?


  • Think about training

A lot of the time teams don’t fail because they don’t have the technical skills. Teams fail because they don’t have the soft skills necessary to effectively interact. A programme of team building/bonding is something worth planning early in the year to give people something other than targets to work towards.


  • Get your marketing ready

Can you imagine starting the year with the same old marketing campaign? Can you afford to get behind the times and let others drown you out with new promotions? Do you need assistance with ensuring that everyone is working towards the same vision?


Don’t let the New Year get the better of you! Don’t carry on relying on the subconscious. Even if you are doing well, review your procedures. It’s not too late to start doing these things right now.

Here’s to a bright, shiny 2017. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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