The perfect conference break for up to 200 delegates.

Creative, fun and engaging session.

The Great Egg Race

A business simulation that is fun, engaging and beneficial to team development. This simulation can address issues for teams that need to focus on leadership, communication, creativity, team-working, vision, business planning and presenting.

The challenge can be completed in less than two hours and simply requires a table for each team and a space of approx. 5m x 2m for the final race.

Each team is given an egg and a Great Egg Race box, which contains some basic build materials and ‘enabling task’ briefs. However, they will be pitted against the other teams so they must be enterprising and creative to get ahead of the rest.

The end goal is to build a motorised vehicle to race in the event finale that will deliver your egg. To get to this point, teams will find a variety of small team ‘enabling’ tasks within their boxes, which they will need to complete in order to gain further equipment or advice for their vehicles. Points will be awarded for a variety of elements including vehicle design, aesthetics, speed and an intact egg.

Exciting, fast paced, energetic and motivating, this is a great way to re-energise your teams during a conference or to celebrate a business success. The challenge is designed to incorporate many of the skills required for high performance teams and facilitation of the learning from this challenge can be incorporated. This facilitation can be aimed at guiding and developing your teams to a specific business focus.

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"We called the day 'Ignite' & Garlands played a big part in helping us achieve that."


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